Apple unveils HomePod smart speaker

Packing a smarter Siri and some fancily-named musical talents, it's looking to simultaneously suplex Sonos and arm-wrestle Amazon's Echo family. Here's everything you need to know. But let's face it, before AI and machine learning really matures, most home assistant devices are essentially voice-controlled speakers , and so Apple dedicating its effort into making it sound great is probably a smart move.

WatchOS 4 Revealed: Dynamic Apple Watch Faces, Workout App, etc.

One of the things Apple is updating is the watch face. Apple Watch-enabled equipment is rolling out this fall says Apple, while the company displayed brand names like LifeFitness and StairMaster. Apple only touched on a new multiple workouts feature, but it's worth mentioning: with watchOS 4, you can complete different exercises in the same recorded workout.

Apple Makes Mac Computers Faster, Targets Professional Users

While Apple introduced a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro previous year, people still want a new MacBook Air. The butterfly keyboard on the MacBook still gives me issues - while covering events, I've had folks complain about keyboard noise, and keys do jam from time to time with frequent use - so it would be nice to see some additional tinkering there in the future.

Apple iOS 11 takes a stand on driving safety with CarPlay updates

Apple will introduce this feature on iOS nearly six months after the company was sued with a class action lawsuit for not introducing such a system. The iPhone screen will also be locked to prevent drivers from using numerous device's apps. Recent figures obtained by the Press Association showed that more than 200 drivers a day were caught using their phones illegally in a major crackdown.

Trump Organization to launch 'American Ideas' hotel chain

Trump Organization to launch 'American Ideas' hotel chain

The venture was inspired by travels by the Trump children on father Donald Trump's presidential election campaign previous year, when they were introduced to lackluster hotels in the U.S. "We saw so many places and towns and so many stories", he said. "We're gonna be able to attract a lot of tourists who have wanted to come to the area because of the Blues, because of the Civil Rights history, what happened with Emmett Till in Money, Mississippi", said Chawla.

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro Models

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro Models

Or make that new voices, with a male version of Siri is getting a refresh, too. Siri is getting a new voice, and the Mac is getting a new name. Before, Apple Pay transactions could be done only with businesses and institutions. In the Activity app you'll now get daily words of inspiration and a boost at the end of the day to close your rings, as well as monthly challenges and full-screen goal effects.