Finally, The Original Xbox Titles Will Now Be Backwards Compatible

It's got a new name - It's not Xbox One X . No points for the ingenious name. PlayStation already outsells Xbox by a reported two-to-one in USA and as much as three-to-one in Europe. Meanwhile, a further strengthening of the Xbox One lineup certainly wouldn't hurt matters, and so Microsoft will be hoping that the release of Crackdown 3 will go a long way to make gamers take a crack at the new device.

Whoa: Apple made a computer you can actually upgrade

Apple took advantage of its WWDC 2017 to introduce new iPad Pro from 10.5 and 12.9 inches. Back in April, we first heard that Apple may be planning a new iMac Pro , powered by an Intel Xeon processor , ECC memory and better discrete graphics .

Apple works hard to make developers happy - and that means new hardware

Apple works hard to make developers happy - and that means new hardware

I'm here with Apple's new iPad Pro. On top of that, Apple has improved the LCD tech for the tablets' displays, which means that the images it shows on screen are now crisper, sharper and truer to tone. It can also fetch scores, news, weather and traffic information. It announced the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, TvOS , WatchOS 4 , MacBook & iMac , MacOS 10, HomePod , iMac Pro , and iOS 11 , and it was just impossible to include all the details of the new products and its ...

Sony Xperia XZ Premium goes on sale on Amazon

Sony Xperia XZ Premium goes on sale on Amazon

However, this means the smartphone is prone to picking up fingerprint smudges quite easily. Throughout the video, which was filmed at various locations across Lebanon, Fares Karam showcases the new Xperia XZ Premium at key moments in his journey, from experimenting with the smartphone's Super slow motion feature in different environments to highlighting the Xperia XZ Premium's other intelligent features.

Some really bad news for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 4 users

Apple's Dark Mode feature has been teased for quite some time and was spotted on iOS 10's Developer Preview as well. In the video below we get to look at the new Control Center in iOS 11 and also the new App Store, Apple's new files app and more.

Microsoft Bringing Back Original 'Duke' Xbox Controller

Reportedly priced at $499.00, Microsoft aimed to hit three core principles with their new console which were power, compatibility and craftsmanship. Xbox One X comes more than three years after the launch of the Xbox One, which critics slammed because you had to be online to play and because the system was locked.