E3 2017: Days Gone Gets New Gameplay

The footage showed our Sons of Anarchy-style character biking through a forest track at night, in a storm. He's attacked by zombie wolves, and quickly takes them out with his shotgun. This is one of those virus' that effects animals as well as humans so expect all manner of zombie animals on top of people. Also on display was a look into bits of the game's plot and narrative, culminating with an incoming attack from a particularly ferocious grizzly bear.

LeBron James congratulates, embraces Kevin Durant after Game 5

LeBron James congratulates, embraces Kevin Durant after Game 5

On July 13, 1978, Soviet scientist Anatoli Bugorski was just trying to do his job . Unbeknownst to him, the accelerator was still on, and a proton beam that was traveling at almost the speed of light hit him directly in the face. The physicality really amped up in Game 4 and it continued Monday, along with nastiness. This year, he passed Michael Jordan in playoff scoring, Magic Johnson in playoff triple-doubles and became the first player to ever average a triple-double in the playoffs.

Oh yeah, Days Gone has a shitload of zombies

He's a drifter and a bounty hunter who loves a sense of adventure. A early and apparent signature of the game is hordes of 30 to 40 zombies that mob you in dynamic ways and at anxiety-inducing speeds. During the presentation we saw the protagonist get knocked off his back and then have a scrap with a few nasty so-and-sos. At the very least, Days Gone's deciduous forest setting and environments are looking a bit more vibrant.

Burst in investor confidence in oil pushes up prices

Platts said the decision of the United States to increase its light crude and gasoline stockpiles has stoked fears that the global oil glut would remain unabated. Other countries, including top producer Russian Federation, are also participating.During the first half of the year, there were doubts over OPEC's compliance with its own pledges, as supplies, especially to Asia , remained high.

Destiny 2 hits PS4 Sept

Destiny 2 is nearly here, and it's closer than anyone expected. This highly anticipated FPS/MMO hybrid has already obtained a massive following due to the insane success of the original Destiny . PS4 players will get it starting on July 18; Xbox One players will get it starting on July 19; and PC players will get it in August. The beta ends for everyone at 10am PDT on 21st July.