Wal-Mart Agrees to Acquire Bonobos as Amazon Steals Spotlight

In August, it acquired the online marketplace, Jet, for $ 3 billion and made that company's top executive, Marc Lore, the CEO of e-commerce for Walmart in the U.S. The move was immediately overshadowed by Amazon's seismic acquisition of Whole Foods, sending Walmart shares down 5.2% in early trading to $74.84 .

Microsoft is resurrecting old-school Xbox

He said: "We are very happy with the quality of the games that are playable on the PS4 Pro , and the feedback that we get back from consumers is also really positive". But the question remains, "why to shell out an extra 100 dollars (Rs 6,500) when you get nearly the same thing for a lesser price?" Gamers were eager to hear which of their favorite games would be released on both consoles.

Apple App Store Bans Pepe the Frog Meme

At the time, developers were allowed to continue using any custom review prompts they had previously implemented, with the warning that such permission would eventually be revoked. In fact, both Facebook Live and Periscope do not offer tipping. Apple started to clamp down on the persistent review prompts earlier this year with a new ratings API for developers, introduced along with the iOS 10 .3 beta.

Deja-Vu as Microsoft Tries to Justify the $500 Xbox One X

Here are the first 10 classic Xbox games we hope to pop into our Xbox One before the year's up. With the Xbox One X being almost double the price of the Nintendo console - and it could be literally double the price by the time that the system hits the stores - the Xbox hierarchy has made some bold public statements in an attempt to ensure that the console ultimately sells.

Xbox One X: First impressions, price and release

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X during the recent E3 event. In the past, new console launches came with higher cost and led to depressed margins post launch but margins had gradually improved with scale. Spencer alluded to Microsoft's other ways of earning profit through Xbox Live subscriptions and software sales. "I think we're going to get in a state where your content is staying with you longer and having the generations be smoother for developers and consumers", he said .

Nintendo Switch and Mario Take E3 by Storm

As with any form of entertainment there are different types ranging from gung-ho action games with little plot, to social, economic, and political statements being made within these games. This style of co-op gameplay is a bit similar to the co-op mode of the " Super Mario Galaxy " games, as pointed out by Eurogamer . Earlier this year, at the Nintendo Switch presentation, " Super Mario Odyssey " was revealed to be one of the titles to highlight the hybrid console.