Xbox One X's $500 Price Tag Includes No Profit Margin

Xbox One X's $500 Price Tag Includes No Profit Margin

Microsoft seriously needs to amp up its game if they possibly want to catch Sony's tail, be it either for exclusive titles or for the VR space. Allow me to explain (and no, it's not because I'm a huge PlayStation fanboy, nor does being the Editor-in-Chief of an independent PlayStation site make me one).

Shoppers may see big changes after Amazon buys Whole Foods

Shoppers may see big changes after Amazon buys Whole Foods, Inc., the world's largest Internet-based retailer, said Friday it will acquire Whole Foods Market Inc., a grocery store chain featuring foods without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats, at a total cost estimated to be 13.7 billion US dollars.

The 10 original Xbox games we want to play on Xbox One

Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox One X video game console, with the manufacturer pushing the new device strongly at the E3 trade show . Are you excited by the prospect and intend to pre-order one the second they become available? The Nintendo Switch is dramatically lacking content, although this is set to change over time, given it is a newly released console., and those games that have been released were generally disappointing.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's Mars Plan Finally Released

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's Mars Plan Finally Released

Musk plans to send the first missions to Mars in 2018 or 2020. "I$3 f we could warm Mars up", says Musk, which he believes is doable, "we would once again have a thick atmosphere and liquid oceans". While SpaceX has been specializing on reusable rockets, getting to Mars would still be costly due to the size of the rockets needed. "If things go super-well, it might be in the 10-year time frame", to Mars , says Musk.

Here's Super Mario Odyssey In Co-Op

Cappy is also unbeatable. In the second area I explored - a Day of the Dead themed desert which had inexplicably frozen over - I took control of a bullet bill to zoom across a chasm. "That's was certainly intentional on our part", Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said during the livestream. "It's easier for them to try". " Super Mario Odyssey " will be released on October 27 of this year.

Here Is An iPhone 8 Running iOS 11 [CONCEPT]

It's not the full implementation of drag and drop on the iPhone , but it's just another clue that Apple has considered what it would be like to bring the feature to its most popular product. It points out that iPhone 8 will have a large circular charging pad inside of it (earlier leaked in schematics) to support wireless charging . Furthermore, Tech Radar reported that Apple may instead insert permanent black bars on either side of the cut-out housing the dual selfie cameras, ...