There's a hidden way to save money on an Apple Music subscription

There's a hidden way to save money on an Apple Music subscription

It's unclear whether Apple will offer a similar option for families to save a little dough, but if anyone from Apple is reading this, I certainly would appreciate that. But if you're an existing subscriber, you can go to your membership settings and switch to an annual plan. Archrival Spotify doesn't now offer a discount for signing up for a whole year of its streaming service.

79 people feared dead in London high-rise fire

Previously, the Metropolitan Police had confirmed 30 people had been killed in the inferno; the announcement Saturday almost doubles that number. Sixteen bodies have been taken to the mortuary including one person who died in hospital - the others have been recovered from the building.

New project to boost renewable energy in Mongolia

The ten percent figure is encouraging, but the peak this time of year is somewhat expected. Wind and solar together accounted for almost 9% of total generation in March 2016 and for 7% in 2016 overall. The agency expects wind and solar will represent a similar amount in their April report as well before decreasing a bit during the summer and increasing again in autumn.

NASA Discovers 10 New Potentially Habitable Earth-Like Planets

Although the Kepler mission has yet to fulfill one of its goals, which is determining the fraction of sun-like stars hosting Earth-like planets in our galaxy, these data will help astronomers determine that number in the next few years, the researchers said.

Boeing 737-10 Launches At Paris Air Show

The world's largest commercial aircraft maker announced plans for the 737 Max 10 at the Paris Air Show on Monday. Boeing Commercial Airplanes Senior vice president (Asia Pacific and India ) Dinesh Keskar said, "the additional 20 737 MAX 8s and capacity provided by these 20 new 737 MAX 10s will allow SpiceJet to offer even more passengers their award-winning onboard experience, while the aeroplane's greater efficiency will keep SpiceJet profitable".

Phil Spencer Wants Xbox Backwards Compatibility, Xbox Game Pass on PC

Xbox One X is releasing on November 7 for $500. The announcement was done in a couple of minutes before other Xbox One X 4K titles were mentioned during the E3 2017 conference. In addition, the system will be able to play 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs. For his part, Spencer believes the Xbox One X is on an island all its own in the console market and doesn't actually have a competitor.