Google can now help you find a job in your area

Google can now help you find a job in your area

American multinational technology company Google has launched its job searching engine " Google Career " to make finding jobs more convenient for job seekers. In order to help the job portals to let their listings appear on this platform, Google has also published a documentation , which will help the job portals to optimise their listings, as per Google's job search engine.

What new Uber CEO will need to do to turn company around

What new Uber CEO will need to do to turn company around

The move came after tremendous pressure from investors unhappy with the direction of the company, according to multiple published reports. Kalanick eventually agreed to step down as CEO of Uber , but he will remain on the company's board.

Uber CEO Taking 'Undetermined' Leave From the Company

Among them, Holder said that Uber should "review and reallocate the responsibilities of Travis Kalanick " and search for a chief operating officer who would work closely with the new CEO to improve Uber's corporate culture. The report recommended re-evaluating Kalanick's responsibilities as well as " enhancing board oversight ". Focus on diversity. This includes doing things like giving more power to Uber's head of Diversity and regularly publishing diversity statistics.

Uber CEO Resigns at Board's Urging

Uber has been embroiled in a series of scandals and troubles ranging from a controversial workplace culture allegedly brimming with sexual harassment and discrimination to a legal dispute with Waymo , an executive exodus, and other issues.

Portugal's government criticized for fire deaths

But many victims died on the road, trapped in their cars by the blaze. At least 62 people have already perished in the massive forest fires blazing throughout central Portugal over the past two days and the government declared six days of mourning.

Whoa: NASA's Kepler Mission Has Discovered 10 "Near-Earth Size" Planets

The Kepler mission catalog is being completed by the planets that now consist of 219 new planets. Back in February, NASA found seven Earth-like planets using the Spitzer telescope, which was pretty impressive at the time - but now the agency has uncovered even more using the Kepler Space Telescope .