Mars Orbiter Snaps Fresh Photo of Curiosity Exploring Mars

The little probe was spotted trundling up Mount Sharp by the USA space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which is circling the planet, carrying out scientific experiments. The rover is about 10 feet long and not really as blue as it looks here. Curiosity spent the end of last month and early June exploring active sand dunes among the mountain's lower elevations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook to address 2017 graduates at MIT

Apple CEO Tim Cook to address 2017 graduates at MIT

I sought guidance and religion". "I'll never figure out how MIT students sent that Mars Rover to Kresge Oval or put a propeller beanie on the Great Dome. Don't listen to trolls, and don't become one . "But technology alone isn't the solution, and sometimes it's even part of the problem". Cook has criticized U.S.

Ex-North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier has died

The Ohio hometown of the 22-year-old college student detained for almost a year and a half in North Korea before being sent home in a coma is making plans for his funeral . He traveled to China during a break in his studies, and then onto North Korea with a tourist group. He died less than a week after returning from North Korea .

China's pressure on North Korea 'has not worked out'

The comment came shortly after Trump tweeted that China's efforts to crack down on Pyongyang have " not worked out ", but said that Beijing had tried to help address North Korea's aggression. Trump has held high hopes for greater cooperation from China to exert influence over North Korea , leaning heavily on Chinese President Xi Jinping for his assistance.

North Korea urged to release captives after student's death

China understands that the USA regards North Korea as " our top security threat ", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters in Washington , DC on Wednesday. Washington has been demanding Beijing play a bigger role in pressuring North Korea regarding its missile and nuclear development programs. China has also pushed back against Trump's tweet , saying its efforts on North Korea have been "indispensable".

The death of Otto Warmbier escalates North Korea situation

The North Koreans released Warmbier last week after 17 months of captivity. Tensions between the United States and North Korea have been heightened by dozens of North Korean missile launches and two nuclear bomb tests since past year in defiance of U.N.