Trump says he doesn't want and wouldn't accept Ted Cruz's endorsement

That "talk" was perhaps the most dramatic moment of the GOP's four-day convention. It may mean losing this election, but if they want a principled, rational agenda that reflects American values and promotes liberty, prosperity and security, there is no other choice: Writing in or staying home puts Republican control of the Senate at risk, and a libertarian protest vote could toss the election to Trump.

Celtics sign Gerald Green to one-year deal

When the Chicago Bulls were not sure of which direction that they wanted to take their franchise, Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge attempted his best to trade for Jimmy Butler. According to recent reports regarding the Philadelphia 76ers possibly striking up a trade with the Boston Celtics , things are not looking likely.

Russian Federation waits for decision on Rio 2016

The agency did not provide details of the offenses. WADA has subsequently urged a total ban on Russian athletes competing in the Olympics. Hypothetically, if Russian Federation misses these Games, it will be the first time the team hasn't been present since 1984.

US's Kendra Harrison breaks world record but not going to Rio

Even sweeter for Harrison was finishing ahead of compatriots Brianna Rollins and Kristi Castlin, who both qualified for the Olympics ahead of her. Kendra Harrison may have missed the opportunity to go to the Olympics in Rio next month.

Olympics: IOC exploring legal options over Russian Federation ban

It's time for the rest of the Russian Olympians to be banned. But Dick Pound, who was WADA's first president, said he feared the International Olympic Committee was loath to take such a step, leaving doubts over any athlete participating under the Russian flag.