Franken thinks Pokemon Go knows too much about you

There have also been other issues with the game, or rather, the players - there have been reports in the USA of people causing major traffic pile-ups while searching for the 'mons, finding a dead body while trying to find a natural source of water in Wyoming, and armed criminals luring teenagers into a trap in Missouri.

Alcatel Idol 4S with VR headset bundle preorders start July 15

Alcatel Idol 4S with VR headset bundle preorders start July 15

I know, the Idol 3 was significantly cheaper, with its $250 asking price, but the Alcatel Idol 4S comes with a lot of goodies included in the retail bundle. Interestingly, the IDOL 4S does support adoptable storage, so you can use your microSD card storage as internal storage. The camera can also record micro-videos as part of the native camera app.

Sen. Franken Wants Answers on Pokemon Go Security

You no longer need to live in fear and ban playing the game thinking that all your emails are being accessed by the developer. Some " Pokemon Go " players today, said they weren't anxious about it. Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation, with wild Pokemon popping up all across West Lancashire. "I urge you to urgently reassess your app and its security and safety features".

Pokemon Go Getting Sponsored PokeStops, One of Which Is Possibly McDonald's

A phone's Global Positioning System and camera let the phone know where the player is, and players can then interact with their real-life surroundings while playing the game. In addition, while Pokemon GO doesn't seem to use a lot of data in the background, you can be extra cautious and disable the app's background data options from the settings menu.

Pizza Hut to take orders from Twitter and Facebook now

The bot isn't just for ordering pizza - it can also answer questions about pizza and Pizza Hut deals. Bots could offer much simpler engagement with companies, letting you communicate with brands in the same way you do friends and family. It also comes with some emojis. One area where these bots were expected to come in handy was as customer service representatives, taking orders and suggesting options.

A fake Pokémon GO app with malware is already doing the rounds

A fake Pokémon GO app with malware is already doing the rounds

And so Niantic has discovered that with great popularity comes significant backlash when something you do to a favorite game just doesn't work right. For the particularly fast fingered, you can actually recover Poke Balls from missed catches . And lastly, you can't interact with Gyms. Four suspects have been arrested after a man told police in Auburn, Alabama that he was robbed at gunpoint while he was playing Pokemon Go .