10 things to know about John Glenn, who has died at 95

10 things to know about John Glenn, who has died at 95

Before all that, though, he left his mark in space. That day, he squeezed into the tiny Friendship 7 spacecraft and piloted the craft around the planet three times at speeds of up to 17,000 miles per hour before splash-landing in the Atlantic Ocean.

EU starts legal action against 4 states over VW emissions

The Commission said it is also taking action against Britain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Spain for failing to set up a penalties system to deter auto makers from violating emissions laws or for not imposing sanctions when the law has been broken.

Qualcomm samples 10nm server processor

Being the first in the Centriq release from the lineup that Qualcomm is said to be quietly working on for the past four years, the Centriq 2400 processors are 10nm server processors with 48 cores built on Qualcomm's own custom central processing unit (CPU) architecture.

Samsung will kill Note7s with software update soon (except on Verizon)

But not every carrier plans to help. Samsung says it will issue a software update to remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones that causes the devices to stop working. It's been nearly two months since the tech giant discontinued its latest phablet which proved to be a fire hazard, so it's not surprising that Samsung is now opting for some rather aggressive moves to get remaining owners to return their phones.

HTC Launches Vive Studios; Debuts Studios' First Title "Arcade Saga"

To date the HTC Vive has sold over 140,000 units as of late October 2016, and is now looking to push out content to these users and with the aim of taking virtual reality to the masses. Reports have come out that HTC has announced the launch of Vive Studios which is going to be the in-brand product. Regarding the game, 2 Bears Studios' creative director Jason Epps commented: "We wanted to create a game that reminded us of the fun in the arcades".