Trolling AT&T, T-Mobile Gives Away Year of DirecTV Now for Free

T-Mobile is offering free DIRECTV NOW and the DIRECTV apps stream on its advanced network that covers almost every American. Republican commissioners reacted with surprise and anger to the bureau's heightened interest in zero rating, particularly after congressional Republicans had requested that the FCC put off all "controversial items" in the wake of the presidential election.

Want Lost Odyssey for Xbox One? Grab it for Free Now

Interestingly enough, the update helps fast internet speeds the most: if you have a 100Mbps connection or higher, you can see a huge boost of up to 80% faster speeds. "Download speeds will be influenced by network contention within the home and at the ISP level", it noted. Xbox Live's Larry Hryb or popularly known as Major Nelson has tweeted about the celebration of adding three BioShock games to the Xbox One backward compatibility list.

Valkyria Revolution is Coming to Xbox One in Q2 2017

Revolution stars five lifelong friends who are consumed by vengeance and plunge and entire continent into war. These friends, the "Circle of Five", use their "combined political and military influence to garner support from their small, economically blockaded homeland".

When and where you can watch the Nintendo Switch presentation

Remember when Nintendo said it'll reveal more about the Switch in January? The Nintendo Switch games lineup is growing by the day. It will then move westward and settle down in San Francisco on March 5. We now have no idea what Nintendo plan to present during the presentation, but we're hoping it's going to answer some questions like, how much is it going to cost, release date, what's the screen resolution, battery life, y'know, the important stuff.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be first smartphone to feature Bluetooth 5.0

GSMArena revealed image renders of what looks like two distinct pieces, sandwiched back to back. Both screens look terrific, especially now that they display Apple's wider color gamut, but the clarity simply can not compete with the screens on Samsung's flagship phones.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey snubbed by Trump at tech summit

Trump adviser Sean Spicer denied these claims and told MSNBC that "the conference table was only so big "-an interesting choice of priorities, considering the president-elect's affinity for the platform". President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence sit with PayPal co-founder and Facebook board member Peter Thiel (right) and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg during a meeting with technology leaders at Trump Tower.