Battlefield 1 Holiday Event Offers New Skin Rewards and Dogtags

There is a brand new custom mode that is named Blind Delivery, and it started going live today along with its minimal modification on the War Pigeons multiplayer mode. When you do so, you not only earn the aforesaid Battlepack but also two Superior Battlepacks. The holiday season seems to bring out the best in some of the bigger videos games now on the market.

High-Speed Broadband is Basic Service — CRTC

The money will be distributed over five years, with the CRTC expecting 90 percent of Canadians to access the new speeds by 2021. Incidentally, the United Nations, declared in 2012, that, "the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet", to be fundamental to, " all Rights under Promotion and protection of all human rights, civ il, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development".

Rogue One Originally Had a Very Different Ending

Rogue One Originally Had a Very Different Ending

Speaking to Build about her series Scream Queens , Lourd talked a bit about Star Wars and said "Lt. Connix is back". And, while she doesn't appear to have any siblings, there's really a whole lot about Jyn's extended family we know nothing about.

Facebook Live Audio Gives Facebook Users A New Way To Go Live

Facebook Live Audio Gives Facebook Users A New Way To Go Live

The feature is similar to traditional radio or podcast seen on news feed. A little while back, Facebook introduced Facebook Live to allow anyone to stream live video from their Facebook profile/page. The same can't be said for iOS users, however, since the broadcast will only remain live as long as the Facebook app is open for Apple devices. For anyone running iOS, it will be possible to keep audio playing whilst browsing other parts of Facebook - there's no need to remain on the ...

Nougat update blamed for battery issues on Nexus 6P phones

Does your Pixel or Pixel XL have audio issues? The reasoning behind this is that ever since Google launched the "Google-made" devices, the United States based company has been trying to kill off the Nexus line in order to make room for Pixel and Pixel XL.

Andromeda Devs "Still Tweaking" the Game's Size

The deal is now available on Electronic Arts' "Origins" client and can be downloaded and own for absolutely free. EA hasn't confirmed its plans on what it intends to do with the game on the EA Access front, but, at the very least, we should be able to explore a few planets, if not the entire galaxy, for a good period of time.