Fleury Sparks Penguins Past Capitals

Pittsburgh eliminated the Presidents' Trophy-winning Capitals in the conference semifinals for the second season in a row - exactly one year apart. Instead it will actively hurt the team much like Scuderi's contract and play hurt the Penguins in prior years.

Airtel offers 250 GB free broadband data to counter JioFibre's freebies

Airtel offers 250 GB free broadband data to counter JioFibre's freebies

The previous report in Teleanalysis claims that the commercial roll out of JioFiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband service could take place in June in 2017. And with JioFiber, cheaper internet at home/offices, will only add to that level of competitiveness. According to the terms & conditions of the offer, the myHOME offer is valid for users who started availing of Airtel broadband services before July 1, 2016.

Microsoft Announces a New UI for Future Windows 10 Releases

Microsoft clarified that the full iTunes experience will be available along with the Apple Music Streaming and iPhone syncing. Microsoft has unveiled its new design language, or rather system, which lays out the guiding principles governing the behavior and appearance of apps across PCs, smartphones and headsets.

Xamarin Live Player (almost) takes the Mac out of iOS development

At BUILD 2017 Microsoft showed off Windows 10 ARM, and confirmed for the first time that your existing x86 Windows apps will also run, even when downloaded directly from the internet. Standard 2.0 for UWP and XAML Standard are both coming later this year to make web, C++,.NET or UWP developers love to build on Windows. While both Xamarin.Forms and the Universal Windows Platform use XAML for designing interfaces, the actual syntax is slightly different, which is what the new Standard is ...

HTC U 11 teaser points to serious audio skills

HTC U 11 teaser points to serious audio skills

According to a tweet on HTC USA's Twitter account , the HTC U 11 will come with "360 real-life recording". HTC' U 11 is expected to pack a high-end specifications and a new feature that will allow users to perform various actions through a simple squeeze of the phone.

New South Korean president talks to China, Japan leaders

A win by Moon would end a decade of conservative rule in South Korea and could result in sharp departures from recent policy toward nuclear-armed North Korea. Moon told Abe that he held a similar view about the issues they face regarding North Korea. The Thaad missile system, aimed at intercepting attacks from North Korea, was made operational in South Korea last week.