Microsoft wants Windows to play nice with iPhones and Android devices

Microsoft wants Windows to play nice with iPhones and Android devices

With Windows 10 S now on the way to target the low-priced device market, Microsoft may be able to give Windows 10 an extra boost over the course of 2017. Microsoft is previewing the update Thursday at a conference in Seattle for applications developers. Microsoft unveiled an update to Windows 10, adding key features that are likely to benefit users of gadgets that run rival mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

Bash on Windows 10 gets support for Fedora and SuSE

You'll also have to the ability to jump back in time on your system, seamlessly switch between your PC and iPad or Android tablet when working on a document, and copy and paste between different devices. During the day two keynote, Microsoft revealed Apple's iTunes software and, by extension, the Apple Music streaming service will be arriving on the Windows Store later this year.

Huge cyber attacks reported worldwide

People in affected areas were being advised to seek medical care only in emergencies. The NHS is facing a weekend of chaos after a debilitating cyber attack prompted hospitals to cancel and delay treatment for patients across the country.

Windows 10 update appeals to iPhone users and makes video editing easier

The new Creators Update has a lot of ground to cover, considering that Widows 10 is now running on over 500 million devices. Apple's iTunes software is coming to its Windows Store, a development that will help students using a streamlined version of Windows designed for classrooms.

Microsoft planning more versatile Windows 10

Microsoft encouraged programmers Wednesday to design applications that help Cortana do whatever people might want. Fluent has been developed to modernise the design of Windows apps and improve their ability to scale to different device families.

Trump says 'certain circumstances' must be met for inter-Korean talks

Senate hearing on world threats. North Korea has called for an worldwide forum of legal experts to review the United Nations sanctions. Lee leads the NIS, though new South Korean President Moon Jae-in has nominated a replacement. Mr. Moon is closer in outlook to his late friend and ideological ally Roh Moo-hyun, who as president from 2003 to 2008 pursued a "sunshine policy" of seeking to engage North Korea through dialogue, aid and joint projects.