Ford finds it interesting to revisit characters

Ford finds it interesting to revisit characters

At the IMAX Headquarters in California on Monday (via Nerdist ), the actor explained that the only way that his character Deckard can be successfully reintroduced is to make sure that he plays a major part of the current narrative. "It made me question my ability to recognise the hero from the villain", Gosling said. A new trailer for the long-awaited sequel was recently posted online.

Home Secretary confirms patient data is secure in NHS hack

Rudd said the attack was not specifically targeted at Britain's health service. Up to 99 countries may have been affected by the ransomware cyberattack that has struck the NHS, according to some experts. Earlier, Kaspersky researcher Costin Raiu cited 45,000 attacks in 74 countries, saying that the malware, a self-replicating "worm", was spreading quickly.

North Korea vows to find 'plot' culprits

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a telephone call to newly-elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday and congratulated him on his election as head of state. Moon was part of the South's last liberal government, which pursued a " Sunshine policy " of reconciliation and dialogue with the North, and is widely expected to shift away Park's hardline approach.

NHS hospitals hacked: Operations cancelled after cyberattack

It is an worldwide attack. The most disruptive attacks were reported in Britain, where hospitals and clinics were forced to turn away patients after losing access to computers on Friday. "First, there is no guarantee the criminals will release your data", he said, "and second, even if you do have your data released, there is no guarantee the criminals won't repeat the exercise".

Huzzah, Visual Studio for Mac is now available to all

But some may still be reeling at the fact that Visual Studio really and truly is available for macOS. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac arrives two months after Microsoft released the Windows version and the fourth beta of the macOS IDE, and brings with it a number of new features related to things like.NET Core, web tooling and Xamarin.

The Handmaid's Tale Cast Reveals Very Early Plans for Season 2

The Handmaid's Tale Cast Reveals Very Early Plans for Season 2

For Offred, Ofglen and dozens of other handmaids in Gilead, it's about taking whatever you can. Bitch took on a gender-biased consumer culture with questions like "Can Makeup Ever Be Liberated?" and ran regular columns that objectified men-a smizing John Travolta in tight jeans was one of their first subjects-while Bust spoke about feminism through the voice of celebrities like punk rocker Courtney Love.