Samsung Galaxy Note 7 August 2nd Unveil is Official

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 August 2nd Unveil is Official

The competition between Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S still remains an important figure on how each unit performs in terms of consumer purchase trends. One video from Vietnam now shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 possibly sporting a USB-C port in a YouTube video, Phone Arena has learned.

'Ghostbusters' holds its own, but 'Life of Pets' still No

China has regulations against depictions of the supernatural in movies. I'm glad that in 2016 we have a decent female-centric comedy where every other joke isn't about how hard it is to get a man (which is what some thought this movie would be), but this film needed another round of editing to be truly worthy of the iconic franchise.

Pokemon No: Players not welcome at Holocaust Museum, Arlington

Just a day after " Pokemon GO " sparked controversy as characters in the game appeared in somber locations like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery, a USA senator has called for the company that makes the game to give "greater clarity" about how it handles users' security and privacy.

Consume Reports pressures Tesla to disable Autopilot

Earlier this week, NHTSA said it wants records of how many times the system told drivers to put their hands on the wheel and how often that led to the auto automatically reducing vehicle power. NHTSA's Thomas said he won't comment on specifics of the investigation. The move forces automakers and safety agencies to reassess the basic relationship between increasingly sophisticated cars and human drivers.

Niantic wants to roll out Pokemon GO in 200 markets soon - CEO

Niantic wants to roll out Pokemon GO in 200 markets soon - CEO

The craze, an augmented reality game which has exploded in popularity, uses the phone's Global Positioning System location data to allow players to roam the real world and catch virtual monsters. Australia was one of the first countries, along with the USA, to get the game when it launched earlier this month. Announced in a post on Facebook , this wave of rollouts comes two days following the release of the app in the United Kingdom.

Pokemon GO Is The Biggest Mobile Game In The US

The addictive cellphone game Pokemon Go is now the biggest mobile game in United States history, according to a report from survey money. We finally have numbers to support what you might have already guessed: Pokémon GO is the biggest mobile game in USA history.