Massive cyber attack affects British hospitals

Chris Mimnagh, another doctor in Liverpool, told the Guardian: "Unable to access our clinical system - as a precaution our area has severed links to the wider NHS, which means no access to our national systems, no computers means no records, no prescriptions, no results".

United Kingdom working to fix hospital systems after cyber attack

Two security firms - Kaspersky Lab and Avast - said they had identified the malicious software behind the attack in upward of 70 countries, although both said the attack has hit Russian Federation hardest. NHS Digital said the attack "was not specifically targeted at the NHS and is affecting organizations from across a range of sectors". It appears no hospitals in London have been hit, yet, but NHS England said it is compiling a list of which hospitals have been hit.

Windows 10 on ARM Runs All Win32 Apps Unmodified

Windows 10 on ARM Runs All Win32 Apps Unmodified

The added bells and whistles will roll out later this year as part of "Fall Creators Update" that will be provided for free to 500 million personal computers, smartphones and tablets powered by Windows 10. The Windows Story Remix app will have an ability to switch up the automatically created videos based on data. Users who've created 3D images on Paint 3D would actually be able to import their artwork on whatever video they're editing on the Story Remix app.

What Will Fall's Windows 10 Update Bring?

Microsoft is trying to make its personal computer-bound operating system useful on the smartphone. Some of the upcoming tools represent another step in Microsoft's attempt to catch up with two of its biggest rivals, Apple and Google. Meanwhile, Microsoft is vying to be more of a trailblazer by expanding its exploration of a new technological frontier that allows people to blend the real world with three-dimensional projections of life-like images.

Cyber attack spreads across 74 countries; United Kingdom hospitals worst hit

On Friday night, USA firm Fedex announced its operations in the United States were affected. The ransomware locks down all the files on an infected computer and asks the computer's administrator to pay in order to regain control of them. In Spain, major companies including telecommunications firm Telefonica were infected. Spokesman Petr Lidov told CNN that it affected call centers but not the company's networks.

Microsoft begins showing off new features for Windows 10 Creators Update 2

Microsoft begins showing off new features for Windows 10 Creators Update 2

Enhancements to the widely used operating system to roll out later this year are created to make applications built on Microsoft technology work more harmoniously across an array of internet-linked devices, according to demonstrations given at the company's Build developers conference in Seattle.