Comey Should Testify in Public, Says Newt Gingrich

Th president also said that when he chose to fire Comey, "I said to myself, you know, this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won".

Local security experts weighs in on worldwide cyber attack

They advised those whose networks have been effectively shut down by the ransomware attack not to make the payment demanded - the equivalent of $300, paid in the digital currency bitcoin, delivered to a likely untraceable destination that consists merely of a lengthy string of letters and numbers.

Cyber-attack a "wake-up call" says Microsoft

Though the ransomware continued to spread at a more subdued pace on Monday, many companies and government agencies were still struggling to recover from the first attack. There are a total of 2.2 lakh ATMs in India, of which few may be running on old Windows XP. Just one click on an infected attachment or bad link would lead to all computers in a network becoming infected, said Vikram Thakur, technical director of Symantec Security Response.

Amazon Echo Show launches with video calling capability and media playback

The Echo Show is the latest addition in the e-commerce giant's series of popular voice-controlled speakers powered by Alexa personal digital assistant. The Echo Show comes with a price tag of $230 (roughly Rs. 14,900). The company even claims that calls are unlimited and free of charge. Amazon's Echo Show allows you to make voice and video calls, with video calling resembling FaceTime.

Ransomware attacks in 150 countries

Government agencies said they were unaffected. Files On Demand is the new name of OneDrive placeholders, a feature that debuted in Windows 8 and which allowed users to browse cloud contents without having to download anything unless opening the files.

Global manhunt for hackers behind Wannacry cyber attack

Apple's Mac computers were not targeted by this ransomware attack. According to Europol, the cyber attack on Friday has affected at least 100 000 organizations in 150 countries. "You are dealing with a criminal", he said. "You can change the locks but what has happened cannot be undone". The biggest ever ransomware attacks that started on Friday have wrecked havoc across globe, crippling computers and demanding hundreds of dollars from the users before they could regain control.