New health bill is pure politics

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey is part of a 13-man working group crafting a Senate version of the bill. "The Senate is starting from scratch". "A lot of us have been waiting seven years to cast this vote" to kill off Obamacare, he added. "The Senate is looking forward to getting it. Mitch McConnell knows how to do things". "We will never, ever forget this vote", says Margolin-Feher.

WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain

The huge WannaCry ransomware attack that brought parts of the NHS to a standstill at the end of last week has thrown the focus onto a couple of areas that should be bread and butter for the channel. And even though Microsoft released a patch back in March, turns out a lot of people didn't get the memo about updating their software. The indiscriminate attack was unleashed on Friday, striking hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide by exploiting known vulnerabilities in older ...

WannaCry ransomware may not attack Indian bank ATMs, says cyber security experts

He added that the rate of infection has slowed over the weekend. The difference between the earlier WannaCry attacks and the latest one is a worm-like component that infects other computers by exploiting a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows implementation of the Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) protocol.

Pokemon GO: Rock-type Event Details

Pokemon GO: Rock-type Event Details

Formed around Rock-type Pokemon , the festivities kick off on May 18 at 1:00 PM PT until May 24 at 1:00 PM PT, and will increase your chances of seeing 'mons like Kabuto and Omanyte, and Aerodactyl. There is also a new customization option for your avatar in the form of an "Adventurer's Hat", which all players get for free. The increasing number of Pokemon GO players getting hurt while playing the game is a concerning trend and has always been the game's most persistent criticism from ...

Defending Yourself - and Your Computer - From WannaCry Ransomware

On Monday, a report by news agency PTI said the government's cybersecurity arm, CERT-In, has alerted the RBI, stock exchanges BSE and NSE, and the National Payment Council of India (NPCI) to take appropriate steps against risks posed by the WannaCry virus that has hit nearly 100 countries.

Phantom Dust re-release hits Xbox One, Windows

Phantom Dust re-release hits Xbox One, Windows

Microsoft first announced a sequel to Phantom Dust was in development at E3 2014 alongside this re-release. Nobody could ever say that the original Xbox didn't at least try to overthrow the PS2 with the amount of great games it had, plenty of which sadly went unappreciated.