Health board unscathed following global cyber attack

The malware used a technique purportedly stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency. On Monday night the government said the ransomware - also known as Wana Decryptor, WannaCrypt and Wana - had affected eight Australian businesses, an increase from the "at least three" figure the government had claimed that morning.

Britain worked through night to counter cyber attack on health service - minister

Paying ransom will not ensure any fix, said Eiichi Moriya, a cybersecurity expert and professor at Meiji University. "You can change the locks, but what has happened cannot be undone". "This could be one reason for the widespread infection seen in this outbreak and why many people are unsure about the initial infection vector of the malware", McAfee says.

NCSC urges vigilance in wake of cyber attack

As a loose global network of cybersecurity experts fought the ransomware hackers, in China, state media said more than 29,000 institutions had been infected along with hundreds of thousands of devices. A month prior, on March 14, Microsoft had released a security update to patch this vulnerability and protect our customers, ' explained Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith in a blog post analysing the attack.

India seeks to avoid ATM tears from WannaCry ransomware

Asia reported thousands of new cases but no large-scale breakdowns as workers started the week by booting up their computers. The attack is unique, according to Europol, because it combines ransomware with a worm function, meaning once one machine is infected, the entire internal network is scanned and other vulnerable machines are infected.

New Assassin's Creed Game Confirmed To Launch By March 2018

New Assassin's Creed Game Confirmed To Launch By March 2018

For more on that, you can check out our exclusive leaked report right here , which goes over the game's setting, main characters, and some key features. It was also noted that the developers of the game have focused entirely on delivering an engrossing story for the game, with multiplayer being left out entirely in order to focus on the single player.

Amazon wants to make sure Alexa only responds to 'Alexa'

Amazon wants to make sure Alexa only responds to 'Alexa'

Amazon said the verification change improves Alexa wake word accuracy and reduces false wakes caused by words that sound like "Alexa". The Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification feature means that Alexa's "wake word engine" now follows the initial detection of the name with a secondary cloud-based check that verifies whether the name was actually spoken or not.