Companies That Patched Software Dodged WannaCry Ransomware

The second hit was registered by the French carmaker Renault, in Europe. The 5,500-strong Renault factory in Douai, northern France, one of the most important vehicle plants in the country, will not open on Monday due to the attack, sources told AFP.

OnePlus 5 name confirmed by OnePlus itself

OnePlus 5 name confirmed by OnePlus itself

Some of you are probably wondering why that is, well, the number "4' is considered to be highly unlucky in China, which is why companies usually opt to skip it when it comes to a product name". Both the Google Pixel (scoring 89 in Oct 16) and HTC U11 (scoring 90 in May 17) used DxOMark's scores during their launch events to prove they had the best smartphone camera on the market.

Google Assistant For Android TV Launching This Year

Google punctuated the theme near the end of the conference's keynote address by projecting the phrase, "Computing that works like we do". Google is announcing a lot of bells and whistles Wednesday - but a good chunk of them are already being done by rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Google Assistant is coming to the iPhone

Google Assistant is coming to the iPhone

Like Amazon, Google is also supporting voice calling through its Google Home . Rival Apple plans to provide unveil changes to the operating system for its popular iPhone next month. Now, Google will access this real-time traffic info and prompt you to leave at least 15 minutes early to make it to the meeting on time. Pinterest has a similar tool, also called Lens, that lets people point their cameras at real-world items and find out where to buy them, or find similar things online.

Republicans are starting to defy Trump on Russian Federation

Sen. John McCain invoked Watergate in describing the escalating controversy surrounding alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. Two vulnerable Southern California Republicans - Reps. It turns out that he shared with the Russians "code-word" secrets - that is, some of the most highly classified information in the entire government.

Global cyber-attack: How roots can be traced to the US

Typically the virus also scrambles the file names, so you can't know which data was affected. The programme was designed in such a manner that when it lands on a system it locks up all files and encrypts them in a way that one can not access them anymore, until a ransom amount of $300 Bitcoin is paid-which defines the word ransomware.