Microsoft announces major redesign for OneNote,

Microsoft announces major redesign for OneNote, "rolling out over the coming weeks"

From opening the navigation bar to switching between different pages, nearly everything in the app can now be navigated with your keyboard. Microsoft, for the overall matter, was genuinely interested in promoting OneNote as a pure service - no matter what your hardware situation called for, you have to take notes for something at some point, right? Microsoft has started rolling out a new OneNote experience on all of your devices to improve accessibility, simplify navigation , and ...

Google brings Assistant to iPhone in challenge to Apple's Siri

He also mentioned that they're allowing developers to cram Assistant into whatever devices they're building, and mentioned that the " Google Assistant Built In" branding should appear on these devices in the future. Called Android Go, this software will automatically enable data-saving features and will steer users toward apps designed specifically for cheap hardware.

Cyber attack: NHS ordered to upgrade outdated systems as disruption continues

Cyber attack: NHS ordered to upgrade outdated systems as disruption continues

Patients were being turned away from the Royal London Hospital yesterday amid delays in treatment and medication because staff had been warned not to use the computers. "Police Scotland are investigating the attack, working closely with the National Crime Agency which is leading the UK-wide law enforcement investigative response".

Beware, WannaCry cyber attack may just be the beginning

Beware, WannaCry cyber attack may just be the beginning

They used a stolen tool reportedly developed by the National Security Agency to exploit a hidden weakness in the Windows operating system and spread their "ransomware" to computers far and wide. And, while the company did issue early fixes for its newer operating systems, patches for older Windows systems were only issued free of charge over the weekend, after the attacks began.

Iran keen to deepen ties with South Korea under new president

The two leaders also agreed to strengthen their alliance, the White House said. Moon Jae-in, who easily won South Korea's presidential election Tuesday, was the beneficiary of another popular backlash against a ruling establishment perceived as corrupt and out of touch.

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden

In a statement, family spokesman Brian Bumbery says the vocalist, renowned for his distinctive style and multi-octave range, died on Wednesday night in his Detroit hotel room after a sell-out show at the city's famous Fox Theatre . The Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman took his own life in his a Detroit hotel room, according to the city's medical examiner. "It was like a Detroit , only northwest kind of".