Cyber attack lawsuit unlikely for Microsoft

Cyber attack lawsuit unlikely for Microsoft

Humans aren't the only ones who can carry out ransom demands. "You can point a lot of fingers, but I think given that this was not a zero-day vulnerability (for which no patch is available), the people hacked are to blame", said Robert Cattanach, a partner at the worldwide law firm Dorsey & Whitney and an expert on cybersecurity and data breaches.

This is how Google intends to end the Root on Android

At this year's event , it learned a few new tricks. The company is expected to show off iOS 11, a new Siri smart speaker to take on the Google Home and Amazon Echo , several updated laptops, new iPads, and more. The ideal route will be - Android 8.0 will debut with the 2017 upgrades of the Pixel line, meaning the device rollout and the OS deployment could happen simultaneously, and then the original Pixels are next in line.

States of Jersey 'remain unaffected' by global cyber attack

The IT experts also said it's prudent to regularly back up your files because it means there is no leverage if someone holds your data ransom. If your machine becomes infected, you can easily restore your data. Still, it was Microsoft that wrote the exploitable software to begin with. So, if people would have been careful to install the update, we would not have this situation.

Confirmed: Google Home Is Coming To Australia

The image-recognition tech is coming soon to Android devices and effectively allows you to use your camera to perform a Google search. But the reality for iPhone users is that the Google Assistant will probably never beat Apple's Siri on its home turf.

Second wave of ransomware attack targeting out-of-date Windows machines under way

US and European officials did not rule out North Korea as a possible suspect in the cyberattack. These three problems, the NSA wanting to hoard vulnerabilities so they can exploit them for espionage, Microsoft ending support of older products because they are a business and do not find it profitable to support products a decade or more after release and users not taking advantage of available updates have left us in the pickle we find ourselves in this week.

British experts hold vigil to counter cyber attack

At Broomfield Hospital, part of Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (Midlands & East), trauma patients were being diverted to Southend University Hospital. However, many organizations - including hospitals - had not appropriately updated their systems. Conglomerate Hitachi Ltd said the attack had affected its systems over the weekend, leaving them unable to receive and send emails or open attachments in some cases.