Analyst's Predictions on, Inc. (AMZN), LendingClub Corporation (LC)

During its last trading session, Stock traded with the total exchanged volume of 5.13 million shares. About 8.95 million shares traded. Taking a broader look brokerage firms' analysts on the street with an expectant view have Amazon.Com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) high price target of $1250 and with a conservative view have low price target of $937.

Three things to watch on Donald Trump's foreign trip

There is vast pressure on his advance teams of young, inexperienced staffers who negotiate the stagecraft of Trump's encounters with foreign leaders and prepare agendas of meetings. That those three places are home to three of the world's great religions is no coincidence Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday that Trump hoped to "bring a message of unity among all of these people of faith, among these great religions" in the fight against terrorism.

Wannacry crisis: hits over 40000 Indian computers

Here are some tips from security experts. It also expressed fear that figure of affected computers and countries is likely to grow with time especially "as people use their computers if their IT has not been updated and their security systems patched over the weekend".

Get ready for a VR browsing experience with Daydream Euphrates

Get ready for a VR browsing experience with Daydream Euphrates

There's a new experience available on the AR platform which consists of a large virtual forest with your own growing tree. What made the AR talk so special is the concept of a shared AR. That makes it more like a spoken, virtual version of a YouTube comments section than a closed social app like Facebook's Spaces. As for VR developers, Google has introduced " Instant Previews " to help them keep track of the development of VR experiences instantly.

Google renames Android Device Manager as 'Find My Device'

It's not a major update, but there are some new things worth highlighting. Android's mobile dominance hasn't stopped growing. Some 100 million Android devices now have Assistant on them. Unfortunately, we don't know yet when the app will become available. For instance, when Dias asked "Hey Google , what can you do?" and the device replied saying "I can do lot of things".