Microsoft to Blame US National Security Agency for WannaCry Ransomware

The massive attack has been a boon for cyber security firms, driving up stock prices of some while others, like six-year-old American start-up Crowdstrike, were able to raise US$100 million in one day. Researchers who tracked the bitcoin addresses hardwired into the malware found that tens of thousands of dollars had been paid before the spread of the virus was halted by a cybersecurity expert who accidentally found a flaw in WannaCry.

Cyberattack should be wake up call for governments

Smith compared the NSA losing track of its cyber weapon to the US military having Tomahawk cruise missiles stolen. The software giant compared the severity of the attack with "the U.S. A Twitter bot tracking payments to Bitcoin wallets set up by Shadow Brokers reveals that dozens of people have paid the amount in Bitcoin. "It's this constant battle", said Ryan O'Leary, vice president of WhiteHat Security's threat research centre.

China Media Says US Should Take Blame for Cyber Attack

However, many companies didn't install the patch . No federal systems were affected. What elevates the WannaCry saga into real art is how it got onto the Internet in the first place. Congressman Ted Lieu, a rare legislator with any background in computer science, sees WannaCry as an opportunity to overhaul the VEP in favor of more disclosure: "Currently the Vulnerabilities Equities Process is not transparent and few people understand how the government makes these critical decisions", the ...

Google I/O 2017: All the major announcements lineup up for you

It is still Android O, but the software has been optimised for smartphones with lower performing processors, less memory, and consume less mobile data. So, therefore the ecosystem adoption will be higher and we still will try to get the best parts of Android One (which is security updates) to continue to go on on this one.

Google accidentally teased a new Pixel launcher at I/O 2017

At the Google I/O 2017 opening keynote the company touched on Android Go, a new version of Android built for budget smartphones in developing markets. Meanwhile, users don't see that it actually has anti-malware features buried in the background, such as Verify apps , a part of Google Play Services that can scan installed apps for unsafe behavior, prevent users installing known harmful apps, and even remove malicious apps without require user action.

Android now powers 2bn devices, Google boasts

Android now powers 2bn devices, Google boasts

Of course, it wouldn't be a Google I/O without the beta launch of the next Android OS, with the Android O Developer Preview now available for everyone to download. This year, Google announced that the Google Assistant will be coming to even more platforms - including iPhones. Google's assistant will be at a disadvantage on the iPhone, though, because Siri - a concierge that Apple introduced in 2011 - is built into that device.