Cyber-attack may spark lawsuits but Microsoft is well-protected

Lastly there are, of course, the attackers, who kidnapped precious data and demanded ransom be paid. Patched computers carry a much lower risk of being infected by malware or ransomware than those without an update . Vernick said businesses that failed to update their software could face scrutiny from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which has previously sued companies for misrepresenting their data privacy measures.

French researchers find WannaCry cure in the nick of time

Roughly 98 percent of infected PCs were running a version of Windows 7, according to data released Friday by security firm Kaspersky Lab. Costin Raiu, director of global research and analysis at Kapersky, says the.03 percent of Windows 10 computers containing the malware were infected manually by testers.

Microsoft warns governments against stockpiling cyber weapons

Microsoft also took the unusual step of releasing security fixes for systems it no longer is keeping up to date, including the Windows XP, first released in 2001 and still widely used in some corners. Microsoft's Brad Smith warns governments against storing computer vulnerabilities. American software (Frankfurt: 868053 - news) giant Microsoft (Euronext: MSF.NX - news) held back from distributing a free security update that could have protected computers from the WannaCry global ...

Did Microsoft Write XP Patch Months Before WannaCry?

Our own National Security Agency discovered that vulnerability and weaponized it, kind of like turning a vitamin-deficient food into a deadly poison. On top of that, critics say, the government didn't notify companies like Microsoft about the vulnerabilities quickly enough.

Apple blames exploding Beats headphones on third-party batteries

Apple blames exploding Beats headphones on third-party batteries

Apple said that third-party AAA batteries, bought separately by the woman, were the cause ... Apple launched an investigation into the matter, but reportedly concluded that it doesn't have to issue any compensation because third-party batteries were to blame, not the headphones themselves.

WannaCry ransomware decryption tool released

This ransomware has the special ability to spread from one PC to another, which was what helped security researchers in the NHS identify it. Blaming the ransomware attack on stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments, Microsoft said, "vulnerabilities stored by the Central Intelligence Agency show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the NSA has affected customers around the world".