Microsoft blames USA government for 'stockpiling' vulnerabilities

A loose-knit team of security researchers scattered across the globe said they had collaborated to develop a workaround to unlock the encryption key for files hit in the global attack , which several independent security researchers have confirmed .

Windows XP users can remove WannaCry ransomware

The first piece of malware that demanded payment was written in 1989 . It says ransomware attacks were "normally criminal rather than political in nature..." That's likely because many victims appear to be taking the advice of security officials, which is to not pay cyber-ransoms - namely because there's little chance of getting your data back even if you do.

Huge Ransomware Attack in almost 100 Countries

Huge Ransomware Attack in almost 100 Countries

The hackers used the tool to encrypt files within affected computers, making them inaccessible, and demanded ransom - typically US$300 in bitcoin. Microsoft says payment does not guarantee unlocking. The ransomware is named Wanna Cry and it exploits an NSA loophole that was made public by the Shadow Brokers earlier in the year. If you're using Windows 7 you can download Microsoft's free Windows Security Essentials software.

N.Korea says US has to roll back 'hostile policy' before talks

The U.S., meanwhile, has condemned North Korea's continued nuclear and missile testing. "(President Trump ) talked about sanctions on North Korea and cooperative relations with China . China has protested against the deployment saying the system's powerful radar can probe deep into its territory, undermining is security, destabilising the regional security balance and doing little to deter North Korea .

Will Thunder Snow race in the 2017 Preakness Stakes?

Always Dreaming's talent is unquestioned. Hence: The Sunland Derby victor got off to a bad start and couldn't recover in traffic, finishing 11th in the Derby, 18 1/2 lengths behind Always Dreaming . The positional speed is Always Dreaming's greatest racing attribute. Before Always Dreaming , Pletcher hadn't entered one of his Derby starters in the Preakness since Super Saver, his 2010 Derby victor.