Wondering what precautions to take against ransomware? Read on

This vicious piece of code is a type of a Trojan encryptor created to extort money from users by holding their data to ransom. The malware got control of computers by taking advantage of a flaw in the code for Microsoft's Windows operating system.

No-Ransom Way to Save Locked Files Found by French Researchers

The researchers - Adrien Guinet, Matthieu Suiche and Benjamin Delpy - worked separately. Wanakiwi was quickly tested and shown to work on Windows 7 and older Windows versions XP and 2003, Suiche said, adding that he believed the hastily developed fix also works with Windows 2008 and Vista, meaning the entire universe of affected PCs.

Destiny 2 on the Nintendo Switch is Not Happening

Destiny 2 on the Nintendo Switch is Not Happening

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch will not be getting Destiny 2 , according to Destiny 2's lead director Mark Noseworthy. Do you think there's any way to bring a current gen, online only title like Destiny 2 to the Nintendo Switch, or will we be seeing more single player games headed to the Switch? Guide Games solves the issue of the " Destiny sherpa" and will allow people to group in the manner that suits them best.

Manchester City romp to win at Watford to ensure third place

Every year qualifying for the Champions League will be tougher and tougher, and we are there. Sergio helps us a lot, a lot. Guardiola said: "We played better in the last game against West Bromwich Albion. "The gap is too big to Chelsea and Tottenham so we have to play better". "We showed in many moments how much quality is in this team, what the standards should be going forward and defending", Kompany said.

WannaCry hit Windows 7 systems hardest, new research shows

WannaCry's worm-like capacity to infect other computers on the same network with no human intervention appear tailored to Windows 7, said Paul Pratley, head of investigations & incident response at United Kingdom consulting firm MWR InfoSecurity.

Another OnePlus 5 image leaked, flaunts horizontal rear dual cameras

Another OnePlus 5 image leaked, flaunts horizontal rear dual cameras

Another image of the upcoming OnePlus is leaked, which shows that the device will come with horizontal rear dual cameras. With OnePlus confirming that the "5" would be coming sometime in summer, it was only natural for little bits of information to start leaking out.