Is Apple Launching a New MacBook Pro?

The estimated delivery for the 15 inch MacBook Pro will take as long as it would take in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong and more other countries eligible for the delivery.

3 ways Trump could dump Paris climate agreement

But they also say that even with the USA doing its share, preventing that warming is going to be unlikely and will require even more cuts than contained in the Paris agreement . Billions of people around the world go without energy every day, and billions more people will soon be living in the same countries where energy poverty is now endemic.

It sure looks a new MacBook Pro is coming next month

Only named as the Surface Pro, the new Surface-branded hybrid device is equipped with Intel's latest and greatest processing chipset, the Intel Kaby Lake chip, created to be more advanced than its predecessor chipset offering. As mentioned in a previous post, the Cupertino company may possibly introduce upgraded models of the variant which would be armed with an Intel Kaby Lake chipset, Mac Rumors reported.

Charting how the toll in Kabul compares to attacks in the West

The ministry says the injured were inside the embassy complex, located near the site of Wednesday's bombing . The morning rush hour attack in Zanbaq Square, close to the presidential palace and a number of foreign embassies, killed at least 80 people and wounded hundreds, making it the worst such attack in Kabul in decades.

'Windows 10 is only OS safe from WannaCry', says Microsoft

'Windows 10 is only OS safe from WannaCry', says Microsoft

That happened here with some systems of Windows . Suiche worked to develop the tool with security researcher Adrien Guinet and Benjamin Delpy, who put in hours outside of his day job at the Banque de France. Delpy added that so far, banking, energy and some government intelligence agencies from several European countries and India had contacted him regarding the fix.

Ubisoft has a new logo

Ubisoft has a new logo

The logo, deemed "The Swirl" is an evolution of their pre-existing logo, but with more of a focus on minimalism, with a modern twist. See the 3D visualization of the new Ubisoft logo below. French based video game publisher Ubisoft updated its logo. In 1995, the Ubi Soft rainbow looked reminiscent of a 90s-era Web 1.0 company, flawless for the launch of Rayman .