Tories on 12-point lead over Labour in ICM's final pre-election poll

Britain's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at an event in Runcorn, England, Wednesday June 7, 2017 , ahead of the general election on Thursday. "It's a choice between me working constantly to protect the national interest and to protect our security, and Jeremy Corbyn frankly isn't up to the job", May said.

Apple announces iOS 11 with Better UI, Smarter Siri

A 10.5 inch iPad; a new $4,999 iMac Pro , Apple's "most powerful" Mac yet; an updated iMac desktop; and a new operating system for the Apple watch. Augmented reality, along with VR, are the future of tech and Apple understands this very well.

Apple puts Siri helper at center of home-tech empire

The market for Internet-connected speakers and other smart home technology may be big enough to help Apple diversify. In announcing the HomePod , Apple CEO Tim Cook said there were many companies making products for enjoying music in the home but "none have nailed it yet".

New Kaby Lake iMacs arrive from Apple

However, professionals will be able to use it as a serious power horse, with an up to 18-core Xeon processor. One other little hardware tweak Apple has introduced here is all the memory across the MacBook Pro line now operates at a 2,133MHz frequency.

Every Apple Hardware Announcement at WWDC

HomePod ($349) is Apple's entry into both the home music market as well as the home virtual assistant market. Apple , as always, has stressed its commitment to customer privacy. As with the new iMac models, these updated notebooks are all available now. We reengineered the entire system and designed an entirely new thermal architecture to pack extraordinary performance.

Can Apple's (AAPL) HomePod Outmuscle Amazon and Google?

We will have to wait until the tail end of 2017 to see if Apple's HomePod will be a must have for homes and if its can steal back an early lead from its rivals. Apple has been reported to be working on its own AI-powered digital speakers for a long time. " For us, it's not about being first ". Google and Amazon have been saturating the market for a while now and figuring out the whole home assistant niche.