Apple's HomePod is expensive than Google and Amazon's smart speakers

Whether you care about a lot of them is not what I'm here to talk about, but I did want to at least highlight the HomePod , which is Apple's Google Home and Amazon Echo competitor. However, consider this a baby step towards a world of conversational interfaces. The big contenders are already exploring some logical next steps. Amazon Echo the market leader.

How does Apple's HomePod speaker sound?

This updated HomePod has revealed at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, on Monday. You can also use Google Home to cast videos to a TV, either by using a Chromecast dongle or via a Chromecast-enabled TV, such as those from Sony and Vizio.

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer

Many of the App Store changes Apple highlighted during its World Wide Developer Conference earlier this week revolved around increasing discoverability for developers, and it's likely this change was brought about with that in mind. When Apple exec and painful dad-joke enthusiast Craig Federighi took the stage to show off iOS 11's new bells and whistles, he did cover drag and drop extensively - complete with an awkward stab at humor by calling the demo a "drag fest" - but only showed off ...

'Top grossing' category noticeably absent from Apple's App Store redesign

Passengers will be allowed to use the phone once they disable the mode themselves. As this screenshot from AppleInsider shows , iPads that run iOS 11 will soon be able to run all sorts of apps. Big iPad improvements and ARKit have multiple implications, but I've looked at some of the many other iOS 11 enhancements enterprises may enjoy, rather than focus on those .

How to Download and Install the New iOS 11 (Beta)

It's not cheap but it is still about $1000 less than the new version of the MacBook Pro laptop. The feature was spotted spotted on Reddit . The App Store editors will also be doing more feature content with a handful of regular series that will appear on the store, including: Meet the Developer, Behind the Scenes, Making a Difference, What's on My iPhone , Apps I love, and Love Letter.