Apple Just Unveiled A Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence System

Using the wake command "Hey Siri", the much-rumoured device can play music as well as answer queries and control other smart home appliances. Focusing on sound quality would give Apple an advantage, particularly given its historical strength in music, if it moves to another front in its war against Google and

Apple and Amazon Bury the Hatchet

Essentially, the device is created to be a combination between a wireless speaker (like UE Boom series or Bose SoundLink) and a smart home speaker. The speakers, driven by artificial intelligence and voice-enabled assistants - such as Amazon's Alexa - have become a leading trend in the tech industry and Alexa now boasts support for more than 10,000 apps.

How Apple Could Challenge Amazon's $10 Billion in New Revenue

The Siri-powered devices will compete with Google Home and the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speakers. HomePod , Apple's new smart speaker, is clearly targeted at Amazon's wildly successful Echo. Secondly, it suffers from the same compatibility issues as any other Apple product: it only plays Apple Music . "How their data is being used is a key area moving forward where both Google and Amazon are, for now, less legitimate given their core business models".

AMD's new Radeon Pro 500 lives in the new Macs

AMD's new Radeon Pro 500 lives in the new Macs

And after nearly two years, Apple finally gave its iMac lineup a refresh at WWDC , adding Kaby Lake processors , more maximum memory at the top end, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, and a brighter display . Apple has also upgraded the iMac's processor selection. Those are pretty beasty numbers, so here's hoping the fans do a good job of stopping the iMac Pro from an early death.

Check out the first new iPad Pro promo video

Check out the first new iPad Pro promo video

It also doesn't invert colours in the same way. Previously, this setting was only accessible to Apple developers. The other option keeps the mode the same as the current grey-scale version. Maybe it's time for others to move on with them? Meanwhile, the App Store has been completely redesigned with Games, a new Today tab and Apps, PC Advisor reported .

After Smart Watch, Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

The first two of those go hand in hand. And considering the fact that it is hitting the market around Christmas-time, the HomePod is aiming to replace the Echo and Home as the highest-selling speaker around the globe. The watchOS 4 brings more intelligence and fitness features to Apple Watch. At $349 (£240.23), Homepod will be more expensive than Google Home and Amazon Echo , but cheaper than the Sonos Play 5.