Apple Introduces HomePod Smart Speaker

HomePod features a large, Apple-designed woofer for bass, a custom array of seven beam-forming tweeters that provide high frequency acoustics with directional control and technologies built right in to preserve the original recordings. "You don't have to know what any of that is; just know that it sounds incredible", Schiller added. But as the most expensive speaker of the three - it costs nearly double the price of the Echo - its superior sound quality is to be expected: It needs to earn ...

James Comey's Senate Intelligence Committee testimony

Clinton by perjury. There had been an expectation Comey would accuse Trump, after laying out how the president tried to block his Russian investigation, of obstruction. He said that he'd carefully documented his interactions with Trump because he anxious Trump would misrepresent them, and accused the administration of spreading "lies, plain and simple" about the reasons for his firing.

Chelsea Manning talks leaks, transition after prison release

Chelsea Manning talks leaks, transition after prison release

Manning was disturbed by numerous reports that crossed her desk: significant activity reports detailing mass civilian casualties, the use of kill lists, the "seemingly delightful bloodlust" of Apache helicopter pilots who'd gunned down journalists and shot children.

This is how smart home devices like the Apple HomePod work

Apple's next big gadget is the HomePod , a miniature home speaker powered by the company's Siri voice assistant. On Stage, Phil Schiller said the HomePod will do to home music what iPod did to music overall. Curating the experience so early in the game is important. Here's where the three major smart speakers stand on protecting a person's privacy, both from the government and from hackers.

Apple's Upgrades To Location And Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great

The iPhone 5S and the newer devices will receive the update , said Apple . Apple , wants to solve this crisis, and it has tried with its latest iOS update. But how will the new iOS 11 be like? There's a new file system to help you manage your files more easily and which can be connected to the Google Drive and Dropbox.

Champions Trophy: Sri Lanka win toss, put India to bat

Champions Trophy: Sri Lanka win toss, put India to bat

Asela Gunaratne was the only Sri Lankan bowler to maitain a good economy rate. India will take on South Africa on Sunday when Virat Kohli will meet his biggest competitor of this era, AB De Villiers, in a clash of titans. We are not annoyed (by India treating this as a practice game), but we don't really care about these things, we don't think about the social media.