'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Spoilers: Zendaya's Role Links To Villain Character

Chek out this 22-minute preview, new featurette showcasing Peter's coolest mentor ever and the relationship between the teen wall-crawler and the billionaire Avenger , and a fresh web of worldwide posters, then tell us if you believe this latest Spider-Man movie might stick around in theaters this summer.

Uber Fires 20 Following Sexual Harassment Investigation

Beyond that, the company is continuing to investigate 57 additional claims about "harassment, discrimination, retaliation", and other similar things, with another 31 employees being given "counseling or training" and seven others getting "written warnings" about their behavior.

This is how Kindergarten class reacted to 'Wonder Woman'

This is how Kindergarten class reacted to 'Wonder Woman'

During the summer of 2014 Gadot sparked a heated online debate about the summer's fighting between Israel and Hamas when she posted a Facebook photo of herself and her daughter lighting Shabbat candles. She said the pressure placed on Jenkins and Gadot is "giving the stereotype of, 'Oh, yeah, this one woman has to represent all women, ' and that's not how that works".

How to make $80000 per month on the Apple App Store

How to make $80000 per month on the Apple App Store

Good news if you are a content creator and make apps for iOS devices. Apple had previously clamped down on developers trying to raise extra income through implementing their own methods of receiving tip payments. The great purge of Pepe means no icons, apps or games on the App Store will be valid and will be taken down if it features our dank meme lord and savior Pepe.

I'm 100% willing to testify about Comey's claims

Friday, Trump said some of Comey's remarks were true and some weren't. Responding to the president's vow to testify under oath, CNN reporter Manu Raju asked on Twitter , "Will Trump regret this?" Trump, who said he's "100 percent" willing to testify under oath if Senate investigators ask, also rejected Comey's claim that he demanded loyalty from the Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer for Skyrim, with added Amiibo support

Bethesda announced that Doom would be receiving a VR port. This is what Doom looks like in VR. Fallout 4 VR allows you to decorate your place in the radioactive wastelands of Fallout . The Heroes of Skyrim expansion includes over 150 cards and will add new mechanics to the game like Shouts, familiar Skyrim characters, and well, lots of dragons.