Minecraft Cross-Play to Be Allowed on Consoles, PC, VR, and Mobile

This means that for the first time , gamers of one platform can play with those on other platforms. Excitingly, community run servers will be made able to run across all platforms as well. Unlike installable texture packs in Minecraft's past, the Super-Duper Graphics Pack appears to completely overhaul every element of the game's rendering system.

Minecraft is Finally getting Cross-Play on Consoles and PC

A greatly-improved graphical option will be available via the "Super Duper" graphical update this autumn, presumably timed around the launch of Xbox One X. These in-game servers are already widely-used but there will now be official support, with new partnerships between Minecraft and its creators • initial partners include Lifeboat , InPvP , Mineplex and CubeCraft .

Minecraft Update to Add Cross-Platform Play

You'll have to play the Windows 10 Edition to take part, and not all of the consoles are included. One of the biggest announcements yesterday for Minecraft fans was the revelation that, for the first time ever, Minecraft players on all platforms will be able to play together.

Sony 'refused' to support cross platform Minecraft

That's why Mojang is giving the game a "super duper graphics" option for those who wanna turn it on. "We've wanted to integrate cross-platform for ages, essentially making a version of Minecraft that's consistent no matter what device you're choosing to play on", reads the blog post.

Johnson hopes timing is right for second consecutive US Open title

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