Amazon Says It Will Buy Whole Foods In $13.7 Billion Deal

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said: " Whole Foods Market has been satsifying, delighting and nourishing customers for almost four decades - they're doing an awesome job and I want that to continue". In April, activist investor Jana Partners announced it had bought almost 9 percent of Whole Foods' stock and was reportedly hoping the grocer would make changes to boost its value.

IOS 11 Details- Best Features From the New Apple Operating System

Apple brings in a couple of new features , major changes, and minor tweaks that users should be looking forward to. The App Store rating API which was first launched for iOS 10.3 at the beginning of this year is now optional and the company claimed that later it would become mandatory.

Apple Snags Two Top Sony TV Executives

Apple Snags Two Top Sony TV Executives

The duo of TV executives had been appointed as presidents of Sony Pictures Television since 2005. It has funded and aired a few video programs under its Apple Music subscription service, including " Planet of the Apps ", a show about making apps that aired its second episode on Tuesday.

Mojang Bring Crossplay and 4K to Minecraft on Xbox One

Unfortunately, much to fan's dismay, PS4 was not included in any of these announcements, leaving players wondering what the deal is with Sony . No mention of the PS4 or PS Vita was made. There's even more coming to the update, thanks to the unification of editions. The Sony exec called into question the potential safety concerns that come with allowing players to connect across platforms.

No PS4 cross-platform support for Rocket League

The PlayStation 4 however, which already allows Rocket League matches between Steam and PS4 players, is notably absent from that list. What other games are you hoping to see on the Nintendo Switch? And Microsoft announced that online Minecraft players would soon be united across Switch, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and VR platforms.

Google 'faces €1bn-plus fine' from European Union over market dominance

Google 'faces €1bn-plus fine' from European Union over market dominance

The penalty against Google is expected to top the EU's previous record fine levied on a company allegedly abusing its dominance: 1.06 billion euros ($1.18 billion) against Intel 2009. In a blog post past year Google's general counsel, Kent Walker, claimed that the EU's case lacked evidence. A representative from the technology giant wasn't immediately available to comment on Friday.