Super Mario Odyssey has co-op where you can play as Mario's hat

The idea of having someone control Cappy exclusively in Super Mario Odyssey sounds a bit. not great, actually. Playing as Mario remains mostly the same. However, during the event, Nintendo did drop a hint that Mario could control Cappy in some way, but how, it was not revealed in the demo. Check out co-op mode for " Super Mario Odyssey " in action around the 4:30 mark.

How Will Amazon Change My Whole Foods?

How Will Amazon Change My Whole Foods?

Those stores join physical bookstores in Seattle. The startup has "been telling brick-and-mortar stores that Amazon is coming for years", said the source familiar with the company. Amazon already offers grocery-delivery services in five markets, but analysts say expansion is tough because its current distribution centers are set up for dry goods, not perishables.

Cosby jury wants definition of reasonable doubt

Setting a record for jury deliberations in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the panel weighing the fate of actor Bill Cosby at his sex assault trial was unable to reach a verdict Wednesday after a total of 28 hours of pondering the case.

NSA Leaker's Parents Claim 'She's A Patriot'

Victor remained locked up Tuesday, June 6 on federal charges that she made copies of classified documents containing top-secret material and mailed them to an online news organization. The FBI followed up by calling victor at her home to question her. "Her words to me were that she was really scared that they would make her disappear".

Trump blasts Mueller obstruction probe on Twitter

The obstruction of justice investigation into Trump began days after Comey was sacked on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter, the Washington Post said . The letter said the investigation will also probe Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, had directed him to describe an FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as merely a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation.