Fatal police shootings reflect 'serious problem' in US - Obama

Kardashian, a woman who's built a large majority of her empire using social media in pioneering ways, is even admitting that social media activism isn't almost what's truly needed in response to these tragedies. This is a human fight. In this unprecedented live-stream of police brutality, of the shattering of yet another black family, there is no censorship of gore or grief.

Bernie Sanders officially endorses Hillary Clinton

Despite pushback from " Bernie or Bust " supporters, Sanders joined Clinton on stage and brought the party together, while the Trump campaign was quick to fire back, as reported by The Hill on July 12. After that meeting, he told reporters his campaign and the Clinton campaign were getting “closer and closer, ” the New York Times reports. "That's what most of her supporters like about her".

BLM Organizer Speaks On Police Terrorism In Black Communities

Mr Trump suggested that a lack of training for officers might be at least partially to blame for the two police shootings which led to last Thursday's protest in Dallas, where a lone gunman killed five officers in an apparent act of vengeance against white police.

Pokémon Go Will (Hopefully) Have Perfect Servers From Now On

For example, you might see that the Google Maps application you downloaded for your iPhone has full account access. If you don't want to wait, you can revoke full access permission using the link above without affecting the performance of the game .

American League takes All-Star Game

The American League won their fourth straight All Star Game, picking up a 4-2 victory over the National League to secure home field advantage in the World Series . Fans voted Bryant and the rest of the Cubs' starting infield into the game, which once again raised questions about the credibility of the All-Star Game voting process.

Pokemon Go To Get Bi-Weekly Updates

Pokemon Go To Get Bi-Weekly Updates

Apart from the actual Pokemon Gym battles and the way Pokeballs are thrown to catch Pokemon , the game is basically lifted from Ingress . This easily leads to the speculation that the game has been prepped for VR goggle compatibility, possibly to be patched in some time further down the line.