Surface Phone to become the ultimate mobile device

The most immediate feature people are expecting the Surface Phone to have is compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pen. There could also be up to three Surface Phone variants coming up. This is because one of the prototypes has 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 processor, 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile version but can not run X86 apps in Continuum.

For Trump, lots of meetings, Cabinet picks still coming

According to the NBC News broadcaster, Trump and Romney will discuss the possible diplomatic appointment. He is expected to fly there either Tuesday or Wednesday, while Vice president-elect Mike Pence will spend Thanksgiving in MS, where his Marine son is stationed.

Trump aides say Cuban government will have to change

Castro's political party, the Cuban Communist Party mourned for "the commander of the Cuban Revolution" with the hashtag #UntilVictoryAlwaysFidel. "And that, I will do, unless the Castro regime meets our demands - not my demands, our demands".

The Coming Of HTC 10 Which Runs Android 7.0 Nougat

The Coming Of HTC 10 Which Runs Android 7.0 Nougat

The update will be limited to the unlocked variants of the device and the carrier locked smartphones will get the update sometime in early 2017. Samsung is also trying to turn over a new leaf as it is working on giving better support to its devices.

IPhone 8 Likely To Feature 3D Photography With LG Made Dual Cameras

LG Innotek already supply the dual lens units for the iPhone 7 Plus , which suggests that there could be further deals between the two companies ahead for the new iPhone 8 when it is launched next year. A new report claims the company is working with LG on a new 3D dual-lens camera. Rumors has it that Apple will also include a new OLED display that will be bezels less giving the iPhone 8 a impressive screen to body ratio and in addition with 3D technology, customers will surely flock over ...

Tesla shareholders approve $2.6bn SolarCity takeover

Musk first proposed the merger, he has campaigned with typical showmanship to persuade shareholders in both companies to support the plan. Solar tiles may not yet be viable as of now but Musks want to change that and make solar tiles so cheap that homeowners would want nothing else.