Cogill: Harry Potter Fans Will Love "Fantastic Beasts"

Rowling spins her fictional textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them into a thrilling new adventure set 70 years before the Boy Who Lived's, deep in the heart of Jazz Age New York. Rowling's Wizarding World story. I was sad when it ended because I only wanted more from the fantastical beasts . Dan Fogler comes close to stealing the movie as a hapless baker, and Katherine Waterston co-stars as a wizard who works downtown at the US Headquarters of Wizarding in America, where Colin ...

Black Friday shoppers hit stores early in search of deals

But consumer experts are saying not as many retailers are wanting to cut into Thanksgiving dinner as in recent years - not just for employees' sake but also because they've learned more shoppers would rather do that Thanksgiving shopping online.

United States spends over $5 billion online over Thanksgiving, Black Friday

United States spends over $5 billion online over Thanksgiving, Black Friday

Adobe has released statistics on the success of online sales over the Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays in the USA, announcing that previous records were broken by quite a margin. Of the sales, Mobile accounted for 36%. Out-of-stock messages decline by 1.5% to 10.5% against the levels seen in 2015. More Americans think it is "easier to shop from one's couch than to fight one's way through the mall", Ray Harjen, a spokesman for RetailNext, an in-store analytics firm, which reported that ...

Rumors about the characteristics of the new Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft's yet-to-be-confirmed Surface Phone could arrive packing some serious specs if online leaks are accurate, including a whopping 6GB of RAM and detachable keyboard. This is because one of the prototypes has 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 processor, 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile version but can not run X86 apps in Continuum.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 'Piano Black' version leaks in images

Also, there may be some carrier restrictions also on some deals. Siri-powered Apple TV can give you easy access to movies, shows, apps etc. According to the latest reports , the South Korean tech giant wants to borrow a page from Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus page by rolling out a jet black color variant.