Young Cardinals back David Johnson joining elite company

The Redskins have fallen out of a playoff spot to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . "At the end of the day, we've got to find a way to win one football game". The Cardinals' overall longest play of the season was David Johnson's 58-yard touchdown in Week 2 that traveled 3 yards in the air and 55 yards on the ground.

Samsung to increase dividends, review corporate structure

A split in two has always been a subject of market speculation with analysts noting that such a move could help the Samsung Group founding family heirs to boost their control of the world's top maker of smartphones, memory chips and televisions.

Australian man punches kangaroo to save dog in headlock

The man then throws a right hook at the kangaroo, hitting it in the nose and stunning it. Having knocked the upright roo off balance and allowed Max to escape, the pet owner can be heard instructing his dog to get back to the truck as the man now turns to run to safety.

Shamoon virus returns in new Gulf attacks after 4-year hiatus

Shamoon virus returns in new Gulf attacks after 4-year hiatus

Palo Alto's report says that the perpetrators of this attack could be the same that used Shamoon four years ago: "The current attack campaign has several TTP overlaps with the original Shamoon campaign, especially from a targeting and timing perspective".

The Dawning Winter Event To Kick Off December 13th

Much like last year's event for Bungie's shared-world shooter, The Dawning marks the return of the Sparrow Racing League, complete with new tracks and Sparrows. The Dawning will also introduce Strike scoring, giving longtime Destiny players something new to do while revisiting old Strikes. The Sparrow Racing League will also begin alongside the update, and will conclude on January 3rd.