How San Diego voters are affecting election

How San Diego voters are affecting election

By contrast, 69 percent of Hillary Clinton's supporters say they'll accept the outcome if Trump wins. Her post was shared more than 9,000 times . Early voting , via mail or in-person, is underway in 37 states. "Voting is a right and a duty". "Here at our facility we also have to serve people with disabilities and we have a number of touch screen voting units that can be used regardless whether you have a disability or not".

Biden tops Clinton list for US secretary of state

Plus, leaked emails from the Clinton team confirm that they were concerned about a primary challenge from Biden; appointing her former rival would be reminiscent of Obama's bold, Lincoln-esque pick for secretary of State . Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook spoke to reporters in a conference call, following Clinton's hastily arranged news conference on Friday night in a high school choir room in Des Moines, Iowa.

Money troubles: Donald Trump cuts funding for his presidential campaign

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash earlier this week, Trump again insisted that he'd "have more than $100 million in the campaign". If that's true, it'd still leave Trump $34 million short of his stated commitment with only 11 days remaining before Election Day.

Clinton Has Big Cash Lead; Pence says Message Matters More

Clinton Has Big Cash Lead; Pence says Message Matters More

The governor of IN was selected as the vice presidential running mate on the theory that he would sooth nervous feelings over Trump's more chaotic ways. "I'm not going to be able to wave a magic wand and change everybody's thoughts". His rally in Omaha may be aimed at shoring up support in the one district that Clinton could potentially win.

Hacked emails show internal bickering

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed or denied the validity of the Wikileaks emails, and says it believes the Russian government initially acquired them in hopes of changing the outcome of the US election. This has led to charges of favoritism toward Clinton, who is the Democratic Party candidate for president. "It's troubling to see today that the Republican House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul told Donald Trump that Russian Federation is using hacked information to influence ...

Wisconsin student accused of assaulting 4 more women

Prosecutors say one of the women was assaulted during a ballroom dancing class she was attending with Cook . 'Disturbingly enough there were statements of "kill" and statements of "sexual" desires, ' an affidavit, obtained by WKOW , said .