The Wall Street Journal: Sanders endorses Clinton after long battle

The holdout was seen as part of an effort by Sanders to secure changes to the Democratic Party platform that were more in line with his progressive ideology. Several Sanders supporters left the room as Clinton began speaking, while another turned her back for the entire speech. Sanders' plans to continue campaigning and spread his message.

Nostalgia Gets Locals Excited about Pokemon Go

Nostalgia Gets Locals Excited about Pokemon Go

What if it would be expanded into a real-world game using augmented reality? The game now uses your phone's camera to make it look like you're encountering Pokemon in real life. You can't catch any Pokemon , irrespective of its CP. The store also sells Pokemon merchandise and is a popular spot for gamers. Other items help draw Pokemon to you while you're collecting.

Dallas gunman was planning larger assault

Brown described the robot, which he said was purchased in 2008 for $151,000, and is still functional. At the news conference Monday, Brown said 11 officers shot back at gunman Micah Johnson. No uniformed police officers are apparent at the protest. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, speaking last week at the Emanuel AME church where nine worshippers were killed last summer, said bias exists in some police departments.

Security fears mount ahead of GOP convention

From a spartan, 16th floor Cleveland office they've rented just blocks from this week's preliminary meetings of the Republican National Convention , some of the GOP rebels trying to head off Donald Trump are laying the groundwork for a revolt.

Pokemon GO For iOS Launched In Germany

Instead of the augmented reality environment, the game has an in-game map, according to Tech In Asia. Similar in nature to Niantic's approach with its fellow location-based game Ingress, Hanke told The New York Times that brokering a deal with retail establishments represents an "intriguing moneymaking possibility" that could potentially safeguard Pokemon Go's longevity.

Two Marines Playing Pokemon Go Catch Attempted Murder Suspect

Two Marines Playing Pokemon Go Catch Attempted Murder Suspect

Soch noted that his clothes were mismatched. "Downtown Fullerton is a hotspot for the game", Ortega said. At some point he snapped his fingers and appeared fidgety. Then, Soch and Ortega saw the man grab one of the boy's feet and move his hand up the boy's leg. Officers approached Jacob Kells, 39, and learned that he had outstanding warrants for multiple charges in Monterey County, police said.