Defense focuses on penalty, not guilt in church shooting

Defense focuses on penalty, not guilt in church shooting

Prosecutors say Roof shot and killed nine black parishioners during Bible study there because he wanted to start a race war. Two others, who were in another room, also survived. In the motion, the defense said such statements have no place in a courtroom. During fiery exchanges between the defence and the prosecution on Thursday morning, U.S.

Jill Stein sues Wisconsin to go through with vote recount

Stein requested the recount on Wednesday, November 30th. Thomas said a full recount would likely need to be complete by December 13 to comply with federal law and ensure Michigan's votes are counted when the Electoral College meets December 19.

Carrier union chief says he's willing to work with Trump

The electronic controls factory employees are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and Jones said they stand with their IBEW brothers and sisters. "He got up there and for whatever reason, lied his ass off", Jones told The Washington Post . Jones says he believes Trump overreacted in his tweet, but that he remains grateful that the President-elect helped 800 jobs remain in Indianapolis.

NEW INFORMATION: Judge hears arguments on dropping recount ruling

To make things ever stranger, more than half the precincts in Detroit apparently broke their scanners by forcing the machines to accept ballots in a non-approved manner, creating a conflict which - among other things - makes recount impossible because physical ballots in those precincts can not be matched to computer results.

Job deals like Carrier's often fall short of political hype

Workers, many brought to tears, reacted Thursday to the official announcement. As governor, Pence is chairman of the board and appoints its members. But it's still moving 600 jobs to Mexico to make fan coils. It was Trump's wrath (and the threat of more such wrath) that took Carrier hostage. For the everyman, Winkler said, the Carrier deal signals hope for the Anderson worker.