Donald Trump to Name Indiana Governor Mike Pence As His VP

Eastern Friday, as originally planned. "He knows how to govern", said Brina Sanft, a King County Trump volunteer. Prior to serving as Indiana's governor , Pence served in the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013. And unlike Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich, he was untouched by scandal. Pence's most nationally-known decision is arguably his signing of a 2015 religious freedom bill that opponents have said is discriminatory.

GOP panel defeats anti-Trump effort on convention delegates

It should not be taken away by the RNC or by any party or by the state", said Kendal Unruh, the champion of the proposed change. But if it can gather the signatures of a mere 28 members of that committee it can go to the floor of the convention for debate and a vote.

GOP leaders, conservatives end bargaining at convention

A loose band of delegates, led by Unruh, rallied to try to derail the nomination of Trump , whose unconventional candidacy they see as out of touch with conservative values and even, to some, as a threat to the country. The closed-door negotiations were aimed at finding middle ground that would have increased the chances for a smoothly functioning four-day gathering next week, averting televised battles among members of a party whose likely presidential candidate has already proven divisive.

Fox News and Gingrich suspend contributor agreement over VP speculation

Fox News and Gingrich suspend contributor agreement over VP speculation

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on Wednesday that if Donald Trump chose him to be vice president, it would be a "two-pirate ticket". But his agreement has been suspended to avoid any possible conflict of interest because Gingrich has been listed as a top contender to be Trump's running mate.

British PM Theresa May travels to Scotland on first trip

She'll also promise to involved Scotland in "every decision" that her new government takes. He said: "I think the best future for Scotland is inside the United Kingdom economy". "An outcome which is different for Scotland than for the rest of the United Kingdom is not beyond the wit of us to come up with", Sturgeon said. She added: "The UK, because of this decision, may end up going into recession but I hope that doesn't happen".

Governor heads east; CNN reports Trump picks Pence

Earlier on Thursday, a Trump adviser cautioned Trump's leaning could change. That's critically important as the Republican National Convention is set to kick off Monday in Cleveland. Fun fact: After a particularly nasty pair of unsuccessful congressional races against longtime incumbent Philip Sharp in 1988 and 1990, Pence wrote an article entitled "Confessions of a Negative Campaigner", in which he apologized for running negative ads.