Pro-Corbyn campaigners feeling

Pro-Corbyn campaigners feeling "bouyed" after garnering fresh support from Chelmsford residents

Yesterday, after six hours of negation, Labour's National Executive Committee ruled Mr Corbyn should be included on the ballot despite opponents arguing the leader needed 51 MPs to support him. The leadership contest was triggered on Monday when lawmaker Angela Eagle challenged Mr Corbyn . "The trick will be, what is the membership that will get to vote?" said Coun Miller.

Sheriff: Inmate kills 2 bailiffs at MI courthouse

The suspect was facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and obstructing police, according to WZZM . Inmate Larry Gordon, 45, somehow got his hands on a gun as he was being transported by bailiffs within the Berrien County courthouse and that's when it happened.

Pokemon GO Now Available In Spain, Italy And Portugal

The rumour that the game will launch in Asia by Friday (July 15) has so far been proven untrue. John Hanke , chief executive of Niantic, which developed the game, said in an interview that it would be technically possible to launch in China, but noted a host of complex rules and restrictions.

Ohio's Kasich to speak at NAACP gathering, Trump skipping it

Other delegates took the opportunity to decry the email campaign waged by supporters of the unbinding efforts, who flooded delegates' inboxes with repetitive emails. "This act by the Rules Committee just highlights the hypocrisy of the RNC". He urged Trump to "make the case to those delegates to support you". The RNC Committee on Rules met Thursday to discuss proposed amendments to the party's rules for the 2016 national convention and all future conventions.

RNC Rules Committee Shoots Down Anti-Trump Proposal To "Unbind" Delegates

Some anti-Trump delegates on the Republican National Convention Rules Committee sought a strategy to unbind convention delegates, allowing them to vote their conscience against Trump even if they were bound to him by primary results. As Thursday's negotiations foundered, the alliance between the Trump campaign and leaders of the Republican National Committee showed its muscle and rejected conservatives' repeated attempts to revamp party rules.

Arrest made in San Diego homeless attacks probe

Arrest made in San Diego homeless attacks probe

He was transported to a local hospital but is expected to survive. The man said he was struck on the head with an object while at 2nd Avenue and Cedar Street in the downtown area. Police said a man and a woman seen with a mountain bike were considered suspects in those cases. Padgett's "strong resemblance" to the subject in the footage, coupled with the fact that he had been convicted of committing a violent crime similar to the recent attacks, led detectives to conclude that they had good ...