Tennessee Kidnap Suspect Tad Cummins Allegedly Planned to Flee US With Girl

Cummins has since been charged with transporting a minor across state lines for the objective of criminal sexual intercourse. The bearded Cummins - in an orange jail uniform - made his first federal court appearance Monday and was charged with taking a minor across state lines to have sex.

Amazon is the place to buy fidget spinners

Amazon is the place to buy fidget spinners

A few months ago, several staffers at Forbes tested out fidget spinners at home and the office, and most were pleased, but a few were not exactly sold on the idea that there are offer many genuine mental health benefits. Look, I don't get it either really. Cats and dogs enjoy the spin of these cool spinners just as much as humans and literally nobody ever gets exhausted of these.

Tom Brady skipping WH visit, citing 'family matters'

That is still down considerably from the estimated 50 players who visited Obama in 2015, but that too can be explained, at least in part, by the timing of the Super Bowl (cont. The tweet compared it with a Times photo taken Wednesday showing both staircases empty. The New England Patriots are scheduled to visit the White House today to have their Super Bowl LI victory recognized by President Trump .

Republicans remove Mexico border wall from budget negotiation

As it is, there's still a chance we'll witness yet another game of "chicken" that Democrats and Republicans so often play when one side threatens to shut down the government unless it gets some polarizing policy passed or blocked. Instead of a wall, lawmakers are expressing support for a broader set of border security measures, including using drones and other high technology.

Why Nike's LeBron James Is Having A Very Good Week

James sank a 3-pointer to give Cleveland a 103-102 edge, made a steal, then missed another 3-point shot, but Kyrie Irving grabbed the rebound and Kyle Korver was fouled, hitting two free throws to stretch the Cavaliers lead to 105-102. The loss marked the fourth time in the last six seasons that the Pacers have been eliminated from the postseason by a LeBron James-led team. "Give Cleveland credit.

Police officer accused of sexually assaulting 2 teen girls

Police officer accused of sexually assaulting 2 teen girls

He did not enter a plea for the alleged crimes. He will be released after being served with the restraining orders at the jail. "Hopefully he'll be doing a lot better when he gets out", Waldman said. Guzman is accused of engaging in acts of sexual penetration with the two on various dates in 2014 and 2015. "It is further alleged that Mr. Guzman provided both females alcohol and prescription medication".