Who's covering those with pre-existing conditions?

AHCAl passed the House by a count of 217 to 213, along party lines. This bill ensures that those with pre-existing conditions can not be denied coverage, and that our safety net is strengthened and preserved for the most vulnerable. The one exception makes it worse than the first version. That means, in those states, your employer-sponsored health insurance policy could deny coverage for some categories of care , such as mental health care or maternity coverage.

2nd confederate monument comes down in New Orleans

In New Orleans Thursday, the workers removing the Davis statue were contractors in protective gear who had even blacked in their company's name on their trucks. "It's a win-win for us once the city and citizens of New Orleans decide what they can legally do". "I believe we must remember all of our history, but we need not revere it..." That case was in reference to a bronze statue of Confederate Gen.

Niskayuna grad charged in Penn State hazing death

Niskayuna grad charged in Penn State hazing death

The call from Beta Theta Pi member Ryan McCann wasn't made for almost 12 hours after Timothy Piazza fell face-first down a basement stairway February 2. She alleged that Kenyon had texted another former fraternity member, Kordel Davis , and told him no one likes him. Barron, when asked if Penn State had turned a blind eye to behavior like that of Beta Theta Pi , stressed the university had been working to address the problem "for more than a decade".

USA urges Southeast Asian countries to intensify pressure on DPRK

The affirmation, in a US-ASEAN foreign ministerial meeting in Washington , was effectively a call on China, the long-time economic and diplomatic benefactor of North Korea , and other countries to tighten economic screws on North Korea in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.