Judicial Watch Rebukes WH for Keeping Visitor Logs Secret

Judicial Watch Rebukes WH for Keeping Visitor Logs Secret

The Trump administration says it will not make public the names of those visiting the White House, reversing the Obama administration's policy. After almost two years of public, Trump still has not released his tax returns , which all of the men to hold his position since Richard Nixon have done.

Hundreds of Austin protesters demand Trump release his tax returns

Comedienne Sarah Silverman and other celebrities have taken to the streets on Saturday (15Apr17) to protest U.S. President Donald Trump in a nationwide Tax March . Kessler said she came to Chicago because she wants to know if Trump pays taxes like she does, or if he avoids them. In response to Trump's assertions that his taxes are of little concern to most people, Hughes was adamant.

Trump's son-in-law Kushner visits Iraq

Greg Hicks , a spokesperson for Dunford. Reuters reported on Kushner's trip Sunday night, but then retracted their story , simply saying that they were "wrong" and that the story was "withdrawn". The Marine general said he invited Mr Kushner to hear about the situation on the ground " first-hand and unfiltered ". Gen. Dunford told reporters en route to Iraq the invitation extended to the White House officials, which was only revealed Sunday, was to provide the White House "first-hand ...

US Arrests Fugitive on Charges of Writing Anti-Trump Text

US Arrests Fugitive on Charges of Writing Anti-Trump Text

In this April 4, 2017 frame grab from a surveillance video released by the Rock County Sheriff's Office, Joseph Jakubowski makes a purchase at a gas station in Janesville, Wis. About 30 minutes later, a vehicle fire was reported near the scene. He said Jakubowski had sent out about 25 copies of his manifesto to various people.

Jackie Robinson statue unveiled at Dodger Stadium

Others to take the dais at the ceremony included longtime and recently retired broadcaster Vin Scully , baseball icon Frank Robinson and National Basketball Association legend and Dodgers part owner Magic Johnson. Hall of Famer Dave Winfield also attended the event, and while he lamented baseball's dwindling presence in African-American communities, he also said more must be done from multiple entities to ensure baseball still has a home among African-Americans.

White House no longer will make its visitor logs public

On Inauguration Day 2017, the conservative Washington Times said that the Trump administration was poised to "keep releasing the records of those who visit the White House, continuing an Obama administration transparency policy that gave Americans an unprecedented look at the comings and goings through the powerful complex".